We are your "Guide" to learn, and use Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Our mission is to help partners and customers learn and use Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations within the product. We strongly believe that using the product should be as easy as finding the proper information on the specific screen as users need help. Consultants and end-users should not spend hours searching for the topic of their interest, by searching the internet and wasting their valuable time.

Our InteliGuideTM package can be deployed to your environment and give access to all Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations self-paced video training. We have also considered the security roles of each user within the company to only show what the user should see and learn. 

We are proud to serve all Microsoft partners and customers worldwide; We also collaborate on behalf of Microsoft directly with partners and customers in the following countries. Please get in touch with Microsoft in your country listed below to see if your company is qualified to benefit from our services as part of your support agreement with Microsoft;

  • United States United States
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